Sunday, 28 October 2007

Guest Speaker-Jilly Easterby

Having recently listened to Jilly Easterby, the head of communications in University College Falmouth.
Being a English Graduate, Jilly went onto working as a publisher in London. She said she used to deal with 'stroppy' celebrities, the likes of Bob Geldolf, Boy George and Betty Davis.
Jilly also worked at the Daily Express, suggesting books for lists and circulation. She had no experience on being a journalist. No idea what was going to hit her, she had an interview with Jimmy Hendrix's former girlfriend, Kathy Etchenam. She uncovered stories on Jimmy, which was seen to be a great deal.

Jilly gave us interesting facts on what she does in and around the college, this included things like; being the editor of the University's prospectus, sorting out the photographs, the colour and what the young people are into. She also hires photographers and designers, tries her best to communicate with the parents of the students who want to attend the college, along with the European MP's and the local community.
She informs us that this is a rewarding, but multitasking job and can be very difficult to manage too many things at once. Jilly also produces things for the university's website. Along with sorting out all of these, she manages to work with the community relations, community delvelopment, this involves what is being done about putting 'Falmouth on the map', trying to find out what peoples' expectations are around Falmouth for the university.

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