Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Work Experience-not always easy

Making friends with people on the 'inside', you always think it's going to be easy, not always!

From March 2007 to the end of the summer holidays this year I was working at East Grinstead sports club. Being a friendly club, I used to talk to all the customers that came in everyday.
This one guy called Tim, who plays hockey for the first team up at the sports club asked me what I did besides working and I told him I was starting a journalism course at Falmouth. He told me a little about himself, including the fact he works for a company called 'Colour Systems' up in London. I thought this was really interesting what he had told me about it. Tim produces page layouts for Closer and More magazines.
As I do read More magazine I was generally interested in what else the company delt with. I asked Tim if he would be able to consider talking to his manager for a couple of weeks work experience, seeing as I live quite close to London when I am home.
Time went on, and I had a phone call from Tim one afternoon and he said if I send him my CV and a cover letter then I can have some work for over Christmas.
He used to email me to see how uni was going, but as soon as I emailed the two documents he needed, I think the last time I heard from him was about a month ago...just before I sent it to him.
Some people, you have to mind who you trust. So nothing has come of it yet.

News Writing Assignment 5

Angry protestors fight against Megabucks redevelopment in Moonville, Wishingshire.

Around twenty locals protesting about the Megabucks complex being built and chopping down the heart of Moonville. 200 old trees are trying to be saved by the protestors, the leader of the dwellers; Joseph Bloggs attended a court hearing concerning his removal from the site. He refused to move.
His concerns are not just over the trees that they want to cut down, but also how this will affect the smaller local businesses, how they may go bankrupt.
Not only is it Mr Bloggs concerned with the new development, but a few of the older locals are annoyed at the fact the company wants to get rid of the town's war memorial, this is something that means alot to them. Around 1,700 people have signed a protest petition.
A spokeswoman mentioned "There is a large number of residents that actually want this to go ahead, and we do intend to take into consideration the trees and the war memorial and replace any trees that are cut down."
Within the community, some locals want a greater opportunity to be able to buy cheaper things. The protestors have now been in place for two weeks now. Already on the outskirts of the town is a Megabucks and the community in Moonville don't see the point in moving it to inside the town and ruining their community.
Planning manager, Michael Manning said, "The town is in need of vital regeneration and moving the complex would draw more and more vistors to Moonville everyday."
Now the Megabucks company plan on opening 180 sites around the UK.

News Assignment 6

Around midnight last night, a tragic car crash leaves policeman in hospital and one man dead in Moonville.

After what was a chase for drugs, turned into a horrific car crash. PC Steve Rodgers was after two men in the possession of a rucksack full of drugs. Josephine Rockwell gaves us an interview; "As I came out of work, which is located down Scar Road. I heard the sound of car brakes screaching and then came shortly after two crashes. I ran around the corner to see what had happened. I saw a red VW Golf which had smashed into the front of the corner video shop and a Police car smashed into the town's war memorial. I saw that there was two men inside the red car and the passenger was trying to get free, who seemed quite agitated about the whole sitution.
As I went over to the police car, the policeman was unable to move, but he told me he had radioed for help and it was on it's way." The two ambulances arrived at the scene, the agitated man ran off down a side road. The road was closed forming a long traffic chaos. The ambulances took the two men to St Monty's Hospital where the policeman was treated for his broken left leg, a fractured nose and concussion. The other driver soon died on arrival to St Monty's Hospital.
The passenger is yet to be found and the drugs squad are now in possession of the rucksack.