Wednesday, 21 November 2007

News Assignment 6

Around midnight last night, a tragic car crash leaves policeman in hospital and one man dead in Moonville.

After what was a chase for drugs, turned into a horrific car crash. PC Steve Rodgers was after two men in the possession of a rucksack full of drugs. Josephine Rockwell gaves us an interview; "As I came out of work, which is located down Scar Road. I heard the sound of car brakes screaching and then came shortly after two crashes. I ran around the corner to see what had happened. I saw a red VW Golf which had smashed into the front of the corner video shop and a Police car smashed into the town's war memorial. I saw that there was two men inside the red car and the passenger was trying to get free, who seemed quite agitated about the whole sitution.
As I went over to the police car, the policeman was unable to move, but he told me he had radioed for help and it was on it's way." The two ambulances arrived at the scene, the agitated man ran off down a side road. The road was closed forming a long traffic chaos. The ambulances took the two men to St Monty's Hospital where the policeman was treated for his broken left leg, a fractured nose and concussion. The other driver soon died on arrival to St Monty's Hospital.
The passenger is yet to be found and the drugs squad are now in possession of the rucksack.

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