Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Self Generated-Car Crime

Crime around Penryn is getting worse. After having my car keyed, also following that my housemate Danielle Burt had hers done too. We were blaming everyone. No one was innocent in our eyes.

After moaning and blaming people, Danielle and I had calmed down a little bit. The worst thing is, I was at home when the two cars got scratched and nothing was heard.

As I was furious at what had happened, I phoned the police and reported it to them, to be honest I didn't think they would do anything about it, but the following day a police woman was knocking on the backdoor. I showed her both cars, and she went around Shute Meadow, our road and asked people if they had seen anything.

Now, I know it was good of them to send someone out, but the day it happened I did that anyway. So she didn't get much luck. A quote I found on the BBC's news website made me laugh..."The drop in vehicle crime is remarkable. Our aim is to prevent crime in the first place and this appears to be working."-Pc Tim Brooks.

Suprisingly I had another visit from another policeman today, around 2pm. He wanted to see if anything else has occured since the incident last Tuesday. Everything else has been ok. Apart from the £526 I have to pay for my car now.

They are going to keep popping down to check the area, which is great, if it will stop these guilty people.

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