Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Critical Anaylsis on tabloidisation

The thought of Tabloids beating Broadsheets by the amount of readers, journalists hate the fact!

Tabloid newspapers are moving further and further away from other newspapers. Tabloids are recorded to have a readership of over 8 million people everyday, where as Broadsheets only have 2 million a day. So why are tabloids seen as a bad read? People clearly enjoy reading tabloids over broadsheets.

Tabloids seem to attract more female than male readers. Newspapers such as The Sun which is a very popular tabloid paper only involves stories that are contemporary and doesn't involve high concentration. Their stories involve what the Beckhams are doing, and who's cheating on who in the celebrity world.

They also use alot of emotionalism, this is to tell the readers what to or how to feel about the story. Therefore is seen as a 'must', but doesn't follow on with 'or else'. The main Human Interest story of this year has been about Madeline McCann. The Sun recently printed their front page saying "Pray for Maddie" and a huge photograph of her on the front. Demanding tabloids.

Where as Broadsheets are seen as very informative and they do contain stories that people what to hear about. They are seen as being a good read, but where as Tabloids' main news is mostly celebrity based, it is seen as poor writing.

All rumours and pain goes into the stories in Tabloid newspapers. UK press will continue with this type of printing until someone tells them otherwise. As they do have the higher readership rates everyday, I don't think that'll be changing any time soon.

I'm sure the tabloids can think of better things to write about?

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