Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Critical Anaylsis on the institution of the mass media

Taking into consideration some of the key theories of the study of the mass media are, exploring some consequences of concentration of media ownership. Also the outline of current trends that are affecting the development.

Within the mass media, the determinist tradtions emphasise the relations of the media to the more dominant groups. Whoever owns the media production, do they have the power?

Emphasis on liberalism and self undermines instituions that could resist totalitarian tendances in society. Important values are also subsituted for by a hollow commodity feitishism. This depoliticizes the working class, sells the desire for consumption, what will bring us satisfaction?

The Mass Media proposes a system of 'fliters' through which the mass media dissrminate information: 1. They are a concentrated ownership. 2. Advertising as the primary income source of the mass media. 3. The reliance on official sources and so on.

The pluralistic sociology of the mass media is a counter tradition that considers the effect of audience respondes to the media. The media and propaganda (more generally) may work by reinforcement rather than conversion. Therefore audiences are then rarely homogeneous and are then more often active, selective in their readings, such as; studios tend concentrate on users and gratification theory.

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