Tuesday, 4 December 2007

News Writing Assignment 3

Outside Broxsham rubbish dump, a man dies after being attacked in a 'road rage' whilst waiting to drive into the dump.

64 year old Harry Hampton died on Thursday afternoon due to a man who was described to be in his forties, got out of his car where the couple were waiting outside the dump. The man attacked Mr Hampton, after the two 30 minute long queues mergered into the enterance of the dump.

Mr Hampton, was taken to hospital by his wife after the attacker had scurried off soon after the attack. He arrived at hospital with a broken arm and a cracked rib, he died six hours later in hospital.

A neighbour of Mr and Mrs Hampton, Susan Witchard, 67, described Mr Hampton as "an extremely good friend and neighbour, I can't believe the news." She went on to mention, "Harry and Barbara were so happy together. They both had grown-up children, from previous relationships and were excited about starting a new life together in Broxham. I'm devastated."

A consultant clinical psychologist, Toby Norris said: "Outbursts known as 'road rage' and 'queue rage' seem to be growing as life gets more crowded. People are more likely to become angry when they feel frustrated or restrained and may perceive themselves to have been attacked or insulted regardless of whethr someone has innocently or deliberately jumped the queue."

Now the police are appealing for any eye witnesses to the incident that happened on Thursday afternoon. They are also making a direct appel for the man who assulted Mr Hampton to come forward. The attacker is believed to have been driving a silver BMW and is described as a white man in his forties, said to be around 5ft 7", he is clean shaven, possibly wearing glasses and of a stocky build."
Detective Inspector Helen Havers of Wishingshire police said, "There was a very long queue of cars and there must be several people who saw what happened."

So anyone with any idea of who the attacker of Mr Hampton is, please contact the police immediately.

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