Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Critical Anaylsis on producing the news

The lecture about producing the news was actually very interesting. We got information on news manufacturing, structures surrounding and gate keeping.

Looking at what events journalists see as being news, we looked at: Frequency, threshold, intensity, meaningfulness, consonance, unexpectedness, continuity and composition. You know them withouth looking, they are always the same. This is news as a social process.

The way in which journalists organise the production for the news, they have a 'beat', there is a history beyond individuals who work within different aspects of the news. For example; Crime, sport, social events etc. A reporter is assigned to a beat but doesn't own it. It is seen as a complex job; the 'object of reporting', or it can be looked at as though it is a socialable job.

Sequences are seen as being in a relation to any other sequence. Part of this relation is the 'genre' of the reporting itself. Relations also can occur as part of the social framework-such as; events happening in the same place like the court. Events also that are assumed to be self evident and to exist independatly of the observer.

Detecting an event that is going on, is assumed not to change this event, an event occurs logically and temporary before detction of the event. As for this, all these points apply and of course journalists must not corrupt, be biased or defected in anyway whatsoever.

A good reporter must get good sources who sound authoritive and quotes that show both sides of a story. Where the audience is concerned, they need a story that is going to keep them interested and holds their attention. Therefore the story needs to be important, relevant, entertaining and full of interest. When the story is enough to grab the auidences attention, the reporter needs to make sure they can get to the event to report it.

A gate keeper, David Manning White, he has experience as a journalist, he is a wire editor for a morning newspaper. He copy, edits and writes the headlines. The role of gate keeping can work as means of social control, bu also a filter to reduce the media 'noise'. This is embedded within life expriences, but doesn't work on personal whim. Gate keeping is also included in social ideaologies and cultures.

The production cycle: you have to consider the planning, gathering of information, the selection and the production itself. Predictability of long-term events, this is to make the unpredictable routine as possible. Gathering is actively collected by correspondents. The selection is culled, collated and edited, this means that the agencies and editors transform events into news. Lastly, the production itself is organised so that the form fits in with the auidences expectations.

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