Wednesday, 5 December 2007

News Writing Assignment 4

Nearly up to a 70% rise in fraud within London and only in the first few months of 2007.

Now Londoners are facing the fact that they are now three and a half times more likely to become some of the victims within the fraud crimes.
If you are concerned with what areas haven't been 'hit' by the fraudsters, it is of great interest that we have been told, anyone living on the inside of the M25 barriers, they are more than likely going to be a victim of it. People who live in the Kesington area are five times more likely to be hit by fraud.

I looked on the Metropoliton Police website and searched for Fraud in Kesington, this is what the website said: "We place great importance in the concept of Partnership and neighbourhood policing and we take pride that our relationships with the local authority and other agencies in the borough are both positive and solid."

The fraudsters are looking into places where Londoners are bringing money and more population to those areas, this includes places such as; Guildford and also very high on the list is Clapham Junction.
Credit rating agency, Experian have been contacted by more victims of identity fraud in the first half of 2007, representing a two thirds increase on the previous year.

It has been brought to our attention that a larger amount of victims are unable to mention the problem themselves. Therefore they have discovered that they're identities are not safe. There being a large number of fraud within copying of addresses, names, etc. The ID frauds main issue is copying of address, this is seen to be the worst of all.

Fraud and Regulatory Compliance Director, Helen Lord said: "Our analysis reveals valuable new insights into the problem, however no one should be complacent; they need to take active steps to protect themselves against identity theft."

Also a quote from Jonathon Flindell said: Twenty five fraulent applications were made in my name, but only a handful were actually successful because they didn't know my full personal details." He continued to say, “Despite being careful and doing everything right to protect myself I still became a victim, it is an extremely stressful and unnerving experience to have your identity stolen I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

Jonathan was a 37 year old victim of identity theft earlier this year, after he moved house he had applied for credit cards and was refused. As the credit card company had told him he had already recieved a card from them with a balance of £6,500 this made Jonathan think.
It was the new occupiers of Mr Flindell's house that had applied for credit card in his name.

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