Thursday, 6 December 2007

Guest Speaker-Kirsty Newton

We had another interesting guest speaker in our lecture today, Kirsty Newton, the editor of 'Cornwall Today'. She told us about all her experiences within the industry.
She gained a diploma in Journalism, which was in Preston. Kirsty said: "Don't turn your nose up at regional journalism, that would be my main advice."
As Kisrty was working from home mostly, she also mentioned that the money issues were fantasic, but also got lonely.
Kisrty worked for the Cornish lifestyle magazine. When she arrived at the magazine she said the page count increased by 40, up to 216 pages every issue and they were printing 16,000 copies a month.
Some articles were written mostly by the freelance journalists. They work from about 10p a word, therefore if they are producing a 2000 word article, they would get £200.
Kirsty also writes for 'Brides' in Cornwall, but dedicates herself more to the Cornwall Today.

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