Friday, 7 December 2007

Self Generated-Fulfilling your dream

Proving you love something so much and showing people you are dedicated, all this paid of for Laura Ashworth, from Falmouth.

Laura Ashworth, 19, who is from Falmouth spoke to me about her tough time through college and then finally making it to become a beautican for 'Clarins'.

Laura now works in Croydon, but recently moved from Falmouth to go for training in London. Laura went from what she described as "a mind numbing course at college", where she was studying for a Child Care diploma. Now she is out there in the 'real world' and has made it as a beautican.

Some people reading this may think, "why did she decided to have a career change which is completely different to what she was studying for?"

A lot of people do this, and true, it doesn't always work out for the best and for others it's the best discision.

Laura had an interview with Clarins, you had to be 18 for the job, so she was lucky to be old enough, they didn't hesitate to ask her back for another interview, even though she hadn't had any training. Now training in London, she knows alot more than she did.

When Clarins asked her to come in for an interview, Laura was so excited and couldn't wait. She said, "all my friends and family are behind me on this and are supporting me on however it turns out."

She had her first training session in Bond Street, London in Novemeber last year and in the New Year coming up she is hoping to boost more knowledge about the company and maybe work herself up higher within the company. After all, she was only training for the knowledge of the merchandise and for her selling techniques.

Even though Laura hadn't recently studied a Beautcian course at college and then moved on to doing this, she said, "I advise people to get into a course that will take them places for things they would definatly go back for. I wish I had done that so I could at least tell people how I gained my achievement."

If she could go back, she would, and go to college and get a diploma in health and beauty which propbably would've sent her on her way faster. In stead Laura was studying for a year and half...this isn't including the time it took her to eventually get the interview.

Laura finally said, "Listen to your head not your heart and think about what you want and get that goal!"

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